The Center for Life - A Dream Come True

For years an un-met need in Marion County has been free medical and dental care for those without insurance or enough income to afford professional care.  This has driven thousands of uninsured, low-income patients to our local emergency rooms for non-emergency medical attention.  Last year alone there were over 4,000 visits to local Emergency Rooms for dental related issues.  Because these are non-paying patients, this has a detrimental impact on medical costs for the community at large.  It taxes the hospitals resources and doesn’t provide the proper care for patients as most require follow-up treatment which isn’t provided by the emergency rooms.  The average cost per visit to the ER is $3,000.  Imagine how much better it would be if people had a better option than this expensive, less effective method of treating non-emergency medical conditions.  

This is why Interfaith Emergency Services began working with a group of local medical professionals. Through a partnership with Three Angels Clinic and Hope Clinic, for the past year patients have been seen in our homeless shelter.  Due to demand and the many local professionals who want to come on board and get involved, the clinics quickly outgrew our limited space.  When Interfaith had a rare opportunity to purchase a medical facility adjacent to our current campus we moved forward realizing that for years to come this would have an incredible impact on our local community.

On August 5th we opened the Interfaith Emergency Services Center for Life where people in need of medical attention will be treated with the best care from certified medical professional for FREE.  While the services are free, the space to provide the services is not.  This is where the support of the community is critical. By providing for the utilities and infrastructure at this site, we can save our local hospitals THOUSANDS of dollars each year and provide hope and healing to those patients who cannot afford the benefit of a primary care physician.  

Very soon we will provide a free mental health clinic to alleviate the burden of a 700 patient backlog at our only mental health facility in Marion County that accepts Medicaid.  Additionally those in need of mental health services who are low-income and without insurance will also be able to access care.  

By 2017 we will add a free vision clinic at least once per month.  Eventually we hope to set up a dental exam room so that we can also house a free dental clinic.  While we are getting supplies and services donated, these doctors can’t make a difference without a place to practice.  Please consider what you can do to help us keep the lights on and the doors open so these medical professionals can keep their hearts open and give back to those less fortunate. For more information call Karla at 352-209-7045 or to schedule a tour of our new facilities!

Yes!  I want to help with a gift toward the cost of the building:  Please make check payable to the Interfaith Foundation, PO Box 992, Ocala, FL 34478.  

YES!  I want to help with the cost of operating the center:  Please make check payable to Interfaith Emergency Services, PO Box 992, Ocala FL 34478, or click the button below.  


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