High 5 Club


What is the High $5 Club?

Volunteers Angie & Jaime give Interfaith a High 5!The Club is a group of people in our community who are able and willing to make a $5 donation to help their neighbors who are struggling to have their basic needs met. The Club is a group of people who believe in the good work that Interfaith Emergency Services provides in our community. The club is made up of all ages, all races and all faiths! Everyone can be in the club!  In 2011 the High $5 Club members gave Interfaith $20,000 to help our neighbors in need!! 

The club has room for 100,000 members who care about the less fortunate and want to make a difference.  This year we’re asking 2011 members to renew and invite a new member to join!

Who will it help?

Marion County residents who have minimal or no income and are in need of shelter, food, clothes and assistance with prescription medications. These people are all ages, all races and all religions. Some of them work, some are disabled and some have lost their jobs in this economic recession and can’t find employment. Many of these people have been devastated due to job loss or illness and are in need of help for the first time in their lives.

What is the goal?

Interfaith is asking 100,000 people to step up and give a little to be a part of something big! With a one-time $5 donation from 1/3rd of our community we can continue to help those in need for another year! If everyone gives a little we can do great things and lighten the burden of those in our community who are hurting.  For 2012 we’re promoting a  “PASS IT ON” campaign and asking each member to invite one more friend to give a High $5!  Last year the High $5 Club raised $20,000 to meet the needs of Interfaith.  This year we’re setting a goal of $50,00 for the club!! 

How can you join?

• Make your $5 donation online at the Interfaith website here
• Drop off your High $5 at the Marion County Tax Collector’s Office.
• Look for donations boxes at a variety of local businesses during the month of September.
• Stop by Interfaith’s campus at 435 N.W. 2nd Street and give us a High $5 in person!
• Stop by our Thrift Store located on Pine Street and make your donation there Monday – Saturday.

Let’s show the world the power of a caring community! Give Interfaith a High $5 today and then encourage one friend to do the same!

$5 is a small amount to be a part of something BIG! ...

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Please note that your phone number and address provided for your donation are only requested pursuant to the bank authorization request. Any information provided is secure and will not be shared or used in any way other than transactional purposes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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