Sheltering Homeless in Marion County

Womens shelter roomThe Interfaith Emergency Shelter provides for single women, women with children and families that are homeless. In the womens shelter, the ladies share rooms and bathroom facilities. Living area, kitchen and laundry rooms also provide common areas. Residents are required to do daily chores and attend devotions Monday thru Friday each morning with the staff. At 8:30am each morning during the week, residents leave for the day to go to work or search for a job.

In the family shelter, married couples and children have a room and bathroom to themselves, and share a common kitchen area. Also on property is the Learning Center, where residents attend bible study, parenting, budgeting and other life-skill classes.

A Case Manager meets with residents each week to determine their needs and barriers so that we can better equip them for a brighter future, as well as providing referrals for services offered in the community.  Our goal, is to provide a safe, comfortable haven for the residents so they have an opportunity to save money and get back on their feet as soon as possible. Interfaith provides food, hygiene and clothing as needed to each resident. Dinner is provided by local churches and organizations each night, that include a time of fellowship and sharing. Although strict rules and boundaries are enforced for the residents, they are primarily safety issues.

Family room Housemothers are on duty during the evenings to assist residents and see to their needs. Interfaith recently enlisted a volunteer to help the residents learn out to set up email accounts and search the internet for job, for those that need that assistance.  Residents that are wanting to take their GED can sign up for one-on-one training with volunteers that help them study for their test.

Special rooms are also available for pregnant moms. Being homeless is especially scary for a mom without a place to go. The Elizabeth House section provides a safe sanctuary for the mom-to-be as she prepares for the birth of her child. Each room includes all the necessary amenities for mom and the new baby. Once the child is born, and mom is on her feet, she transitions to the regular shelter facility. Childcare is found for the baby, and mom starts employment or looking for work.  Interfaith partners with local agencies such as Womens Pregnancy Center to make sure mom gets all the necessary care and treatment she needs.  And if adoption is chosen, Interfaith partners with the Choose Life Program for any special needs. 

In 2014, the shelter received an extreme make-over. When Interfaith decided to spread the word to the community asking people to adopt a room at the shelter, the results were amazing. Numerous families, groups and local businesses stepped up to take part in creating a brand new look for our dorm rooms and main living areas. A total of 12 rooms were remodeled including 26 new mattresses, sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets and bath towels. Over 28 gallons of paint was donated to freshen up walls and some rooms received new furniture, wall hangings, carpet and flooring. The entire ladies dorm living room was redone. It's estimated that nearly $18,000 was spent through tLivingroom in womens shelterhe donations of materials and furnishings. The make-over gave donors a chance to use their decorating talents to create a beautiful living environment for our shelter residents.  In 2012, thanks to an improvement grant Interfaith received, our shelter received new carpet, doors, energy efficient windows, gutters, a completely remodeled bathroom and to help defray energy costs - solar panels, A/C unit and hot water heater.

For more information about the shelter program, contact Becky or call her at 352.629.8868 x201.